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Everybody loves going out to the park or flying field and watching some truely amazing acrobatic flying of a Radio Controlled Airplane. But, what is even more exciting is watching that plane plummet to the earth. This website will document the flights that had gone wrong. These stories of failed flights will be told through pictures and videos of the crashed Radio Controlled Planes.

If you have any interesting pictures or videos of crashed planes, please send them to us and we will add them to the collection. We will even add a link to your club's website along side of the image or video that you submit.

New Pictures and Videos are added almost daily, so be sure to check back often.

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Added on September 3, 2017

Dynam Spitfire low altitude loop
Fatal crash after a low altitude loop

Dynam Spitfire low altitude loop
My friend finally got his plane to fly and then......

Midget racer battery fire #2
Closer view of the battery fire

Midget P-51 Pylon Racer Battery fire
Too many cells, too hot!! photo 1

Smashed to Bits
There was not much left of this plane after it crashed through a chain link fence

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